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Our Podcast, where we discuss digital marketing with business owners who are doing it well!!

Discussing Digital Podcast

Discussing Digital

Rob Osborne discusses digital marketing with business owners who are making good use of the opportunities that digital marketing provides when it comes to promoting and growing businesses.

Each episode I talk to a different business owner about how they are using digital marketing. Topics vary depending on which aspects they want to talk about, but there is usually something about websites, e-mail marketing and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter / X.

Discussing Digital with Charles Calvert


Discussing Digital with Charles Calvert

🔊  In this episode of Discussing Digital, Rob Osborne sits down with Charles Calvert, the owner and director of Easy Mortgages, a mortgage and insurance brokerage firm. Charles shares his journey in the industry, from working for large brokers to eventually starting his own business during the COVID-19 pandemic. He discusses his approach to digital marketing, highlighting the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok to promote his business.

 📱💡 Charles shares his experience with TikTok, initially hesitant about the platform but eventually finding success with engaging and shorter content. He delves into how he navigated the platform’s algorithm and utilized its features to boost his reach and followers. Charles also discusses repurposing his TikTok content for other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, emphasizing the importance of organic sharing by friends and family in generating leads.

 🔥🚀 The conversation touches on Charles’ use of LinkedIn for networking, his content creation strategy inspired by market news and educational topics, and his tips for effective digital marketing – authenticity and creating engaging, short-form content. Listeners gain valuable insights into the world of digital marketing for mortgage and insurance brokerage firms from Charles’ experience and expertise.

Discussing Digital with Maddy Alexander-Grout


Discussing Digital with Maddy Alexander-Grout

In this episode, Rob Osborne interviews Maddy Alexander-Grout, a multi-talented entrepreneur who runs several businesses under her personal brand. Maddy describes herself as a “multi-potentialite” and shares her journey from being a money specialist to creating the “Mad About Money” app, which helps neurodivergent individuals with their finances, wellbeing, and business.

A significant aspect of Maddy’s work is as a visibility strategist, where she helps small business owners, especially neurodivergent entrepreneurs, increase their online presence through digital marketing, social media, and PR. She highlights her success on TikTok, using it as the top of her marketing funnel. Maddy also reveals that she conducts monthly TikTok training workshops to teach the basics of the platform and drive people into her paid membership program.

Maddy discusses her strategic approach to different social media platforms, tailoring her content and approach according to her target audience. She has a significant following on LinkedIn for her corporate work, utilizes Facebook for her neurodivergent community, and leverages TikTok for educational content. While she maintains a presence on Instagram, Maddy acknowledges not investing substantial time there.

Throughout the conversation, Maddy emphasizes the significance of understanding one’s target audience, maintaining consistency in content creation and presence, and avoiding burnout. She shares personal experiences with burnout and reveals the strategies she implements to maintain a healthy work-life balance, including setting boundaries and taking regular breaks.

Discussing Digital with Miles Phillips


Discussing Digital with Miles Phillips Website Thum -

In this episode of the Discussing Digital podcast, Rob Osborne sits down with Miles Phillips, the owner of MilesMarketing, to discuss the intricacies of digital marketing. Miles brings a unique perspective to the table, with a blend of traditional and digital marketing expertise. He explains his two main offerings – an outsourced marketing department service for larger businesses and a suite of “Bite Size” products for solopreneurs and small businesses.

The conversation delves into Miles’ digital marketing approach, with a particular focus on LinkedIn as the primary platform for his target audience. Miles emphasizes the importance of being active on a select few channels rather than spreading yourself thin across multiple platforms. He also shares his tips for leveraging YouTube to host videos and benefit from SEO advantages.
One of the highlights of the episode is Miles’ advice on video content creation. He addresses common fears and provides practical tips for overcoming them. His mantra of “just do it” encourages listeners to practice, prepare, and not worry about natural speech patterns such as “ums” and “errs.”

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around Miles’ views on brand awareness as a marketing strategy. He argues that for small businesses, purely focusing on brand awareness is a waste of time and money. Instead, he advocates for meaningful engagement and interactions with potential customers, highlighting the importance of mapping out the customer journey and finding genuine ways to connect with the audience.

Miles also shares his thoughts on automation tools and mass connection requests on LinkedIn, strongly advising against these tactics. According to him, building genuine relationships through thoughtful engagement, commenting, and providing value to connections is far more effective.

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Discussing Digital with Julian Knopf


Discussing Digital with Julian Knopf

In this episode, host Rob Osborne is joined by Julian Knopf, founder of Gander Media Solutions, to explore the world of digital marketing. Julian shares his expertise in creating visually appealing content such as photos, videos, and animations to help businesses stand out online.

Throughout the conversation, Julian delves into his experience with various social media platforms and how he tailors his content for each one. He discusses the unique benefits of Facebook for events and family photos, LinkedIn for showcasing professional expertise, Instagram as a photography portfolio, and the emerging platform, TikTok, for short video clips. Julian emphasizes the importance of understanding the different audiences that each platform attracts and how he tests and tracks stats to optimize his content strategy.

Offering valuable tips, Julian encourages listeners to simply get started instead of getting caught up in minor details. He explains how experience leads to improved skills and reveals that weekends surprisingly tend to be busier than expected on LinkedIn. Julian also shares insights into using AI tools like image generators and video editors to enhance efficiency, training AI through feedback to produce better content that he then refines.

Additionally, the episode explores the concept of reusing content. Julian highlights how major brands run campaigns for extended periods through repetition, and he encourages content creators to follow suit by repurposing high-quality posts at different times or in different formats.

In conclusion, Julian stresses the importance of engagement and leaving comments to help others reach their goals. He welcomes listeners to reach out to him through his website, social profiles, or any other method. Overall, this episode provides practical advice on using social media platforms strategically, leveraging AI technology, repurposing content, and fostering engagement for content creators looking to excel in the digital marketing landscape.

Discussing Digital with Hayley Jones


Discussing DIgital with Hayley Jones

In this episode, I sit down with Hayley Jones, the owner of HB Associates, an accountancy firm, as she shares her digital marketing strategies. As an introvert, Hayley admits that recording videos for TikTok has been challenging for her. However, with practice, she has become more comfortable and now uses CapCut to edit her videos within the TikTok app. She reveals that her best performing video to date has garnered over 12.5k views.

When it comes to content planning, Hayley aims to post three videos per week on TikTok. She believes in varying the content, ranging from informative to fun videos to keep her audience engaged. Apart from TikTok, Hayley highlights LinkedIn as another main channel she utilizes. She shares that she gains around 100 followers per month and started generating inquiries around the 7-8 month mark.

Hayley also discusses her engagement strategy. She comments and engages with others’ posts on LinkedIn daily, utilizing the notifications on her phone. For platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, she schedules her posts, but she prefers to engage more organically on LinkedIn. Looking ahead, Hayley plans to focus more on her website and Google Business Profile with guidance from her website developers. She also expresses her interest in learning more about email marketing before implementing it into her strategy.

Throughout the episode, Hayley emphasizes the importance of consistency within realistic goals for your channels. She advises against feeling pressured to join every new platform and instead suggests focusing on what works best for your business and audience. To connect with Hayley, you can find her on TikTok @the_redheaded_accountant, Instagram @hbassociates_accountants, LinkedIn, and Facebook under HB Associates. Tune in to this enlightening episode to gain valuable insights into digital marketing strategies from an expert in the field.

Discussing Digital with Naomi Stonier


Discussing Digital With Naomi Stonier WebsiteThumbnai -

In this episode, we dive into the world of organic digital marketing with marriage coach Naomi Stonier. Naomi shares her unique approach to building relationships and connecting with her audience through social media.

Naomi reveals her daily content strategy on Facebook and LinkedIn, where she shares stories and insights about relationships. She explains why she moved away from batching content and now focuses on writing one personalized post per day using a problem-solution-process-result formula. By anonymously sharing content ideas from her client sessions, Naomi ensures that her posts are relevant and valuable to her audience.

One of the key strategies Naomi uses is going live on social media after her client sessions. She discusses various topics and makes offers in just 5-10 minutes. While engagement isn’t her main goal, she has seen how live videos boost her reach in algorithms. Naomi emphasizes the importance of connecting genuinely with her audience, rather than obsessing over numbers.

Authenticity is a crucial aspect of Naomi’s digital marketing approach. She shares photos of herself and her family instead of using stock images, which helps to build trust with her audience. Naomi also explains why she stopped creating graphics, finding them to be too time-consuming.

As her business continues to grow, Naomi plans to outsource more platforms, but for now she focuses on Facebook and LinkedIn, where she gets most of her business through networking connections. She also emphasizes the importance of repurposing content across platforms and pitches, which saves her significant time and helps her move people from social media to her email list and future online programs.

Throughout the episode, Naomi highlights the importance of adapting and experimenting with different strategies to achieve the best results. She firmly believes in taking an organic, authentic, and capacity-focused approach to digital marketing, centered around genuine human connection.

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Discussing Digital with Melanie Griffiths


Discussing Digital with Melanie Griffiths Title Image

In this episode of Discussing Digital, I am discussing all things Digital Marketing with Melanie Griffiths.

Melanie supports and works with people to help them feel better in their bodies and improve their health and wellbeing through movement, dance and transformational healing work.

During the episode we discuss Melanie’s approach to creating content, the mind shift she’s had regarding posting content, her use of video and live streaming and many other topics.

We have an interesting conversation about analytics and Melanie gives her top tips for something everyone should do and what everyone should avoid doing, which are quite closely linked.

If you would like to connect with Melanie or follow her, here are the links to her website and social media channels.

During the episode we mention a podcast that Melanie recorded with Steve O’Neill. A link to that is included below.

Discussing Digital with Nikie Forster


Discussing Digital with Nikie Forster Thumbnail for website

In this episode of Discussing Digital I’m speaking to Nikie Forster of Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy.

We discuss how Nikie is making great use of LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, as well as some of the many different ways she creates content. We also discuss how Nikie is getting on with Instagram and how she really doesn’t like email marketing or Twitter.

Nikie also shares her One Good and One Bad tips for any business owner doing digital marketing.

This episode was recorded on 26th November 2021 and was originally published on the DM365 YouTube channel. It was the first episode I ever recorded.

Discussing Digital with Ian DIckson


Discussing Digital with Ian Dickson RKS Website Thumbnail -

In this episode of Discussing Digital, I am discussing all things Digital Marketing with Ian Dickson.

Ian is an extremely experienced and renowned national and international business coach public speaker.

During this episode we cover a wide range of topics, including how Ian is using digital marketing to promote an event taking place later in January. Ian shares lots of great tips on how he and his clients are using digital marketing to grow their businesses.

One of the interesting discussions we have is how you measure success in your digital marketing, which can equally be applied to other forms of marketing.


Discussing Digital Special – “One Good Thing” Tips


Discussing Digital One Good Thing Special

This special episode of Discussing Digital features the “One Good Thing” tip about digital marketing that each of my guests has provided during our discussions about digital marketing in each of the episodes that have been released in 2023.

Listen to these to get some great ideas of things to do to give your digital marketing a boost in 2024 and beyond.

If you particularly like any of the tips you here from a guest speaker, why not go back and listen to or watch their whole episode. You can listen to or watch each episode from the Red Knight Solutions


Discussing Digital with Liz Drury


Discussing Digital with Liz Drury Red Knight Solutions Website Thumbnail

In this episode of Discussing Digital I am speaking to Liz Drury of Liz Drury Voiceovers. Liz is a voiceover artist and in this episode we talk about how Liz uses e-mail marketing, LinkedIn, CRM systems, Facebook and Podcasts to promote her business and how the growth of e-learning has introduced new opportunities for her.

You’ll have to watch the whole episode to find out why cherry tomatoes and military bands are good for promoting your business on social media … and why 17 hats is important to Liz and her approach to marketing.

This episode was recorded in February 2022, so the world has changed quite a bit since we recorded this.



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Discussing Digital with Andreas Nest


Discussing Digital with Andreas Nest of Action Coach

In this episode of Discussing Digital, I am speaking with Andreas Nest of Nest Business Coaching.

We discuss how Andreas is making great use of LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, as well as how Andreas sees his website as the hub of all his digital marketing.

Andreas shares some great ideas for how to create content and how to use video to market his business.

This episode was recorded on 10th December 2021 and originally published on the DM365 YouTube channel on 15th January 2022.



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Discussing Digital with Steve O’Neill


Discussing Digital with Steve O'Neill

In this episode of Discussing Digital, I am discussing all things Digital Marketing with Steve O’Neill of sondevelopment.

Steve and sondevelopment are primarily about skills development, learning consultancy and audio consultancy, which includes being a professional voiceover artist and podcast production.

During this episode we cover a wide range of topics, including video, social media and podcasting which surprised Steve as when I first approached him to be a guest, he said he didn’t do digital marketing.

We have an interesting conversation about posting styles, LinkedIn pods and why Steve has a dummy’s head in his voiceover booth … and why I have a Lego figure on my desk!


Discussing Digital with Alison Colley


Rob Osborne Discussing Digital with Alison Colley


In this episode of Discussing Digital I am discussing all things digital marketing with Alison Colley of Real Employment Law Advice.

Alison is a solicitor & HR specialist, based on the Isle of Wight and has embraced digital marketing to promote & grow her business nationally. She is making great use of video marketing, social media, podcasts and TikTok!!

This episode of Discussing Digital was recorded in February 2022 but has never been published, so although Alison says she has a team of 6, it’s now a team of 8 and her podcast is now up to episode 215!!

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Alison’s Digital Channels

Discussing Digital with Paul Newton


Discussing Digital with Paul Newton

In this episode of Discussing Digital I am discussing digital marketing with Paul Newton.

Paul talks about how the use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have helped him to launch, promote and grow his Newton’s Nuggets podcast, from a simple idea to help him keep sane during the pandemic into a podcast that is nearing his 100th episode. Paul talks about how 1 episode in particular has encouraged listeners to get checked out for Cancer which has had a surprisingly positive outcome, both for Paul and a number of his followers.

Paul shares how digital marketing, particularly using video marketing, has helped him to develop and grow his Mental Theft brand, which helps people to learn about cyber crime and how to avoid it. We also discuss how using crowd funding helped Paul launch the Mental Theft book.

The episode was recorded in December 2021 and the video originally appeared on the DM365 YouTube channel in January 2022.

Discussing Digital with Sheryl Andrews


Discussing Digital with Sheryl Andrews and Rob Osborne

In this episode I am Discussing Digital with Sheryl Andrews of Step By Step Listening.

Amongst the many things we discuss, we talk about the various digital marketing channels she uses, including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, how she plans her content, her different approaches to content creation, how her approach to blogging has developed over time and how she uses her blog as an information repository to share with her clients.

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Discussing Digital with Karen Williams


Discussing Digital With Karen WIlliams

In this episode of Discussing Digital I am talking with Karen Williams, The Book Mentor, from Libotas.

We discuss how Karen uses all aspects of digital marketing generally, but specifically talk about how she has been using digital marketing for the launch of her new book. This covers social media marketing, video marketing, e-mail marketing and podcasts.

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